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Name:Super Rookie越前リョーマ
Birthdate:Dec 24

echizen ryoma

forever a brat

Super rookie and Seishun Gakuen's pillar of support. Ryoma is arrogant and cocky, unafraid to the point of recklessness but can be very childish at times. Even a brat like him has his cute points, even though by being such a brat makes it quite hard to spot. When it comes to living things, he only loves his cat, who can pretty much be called his one true love. And by the looks of it, Karupin loves him just as much. He also loves tennis, food and to sleep. He doesn't want an American breakfast though, c'mon, give him Japanese food!

Address: 845 Goldberg Street


wrist band
Seigaku tennis uniform
Seigaku school uniform
U-17 black uniform
Junior Senbatsu uniform
training clothes
casual clothes
tennis racket
tennis balls
Karupin (one true love)
cat toys
tennis bag

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